3 great sources to help you back up your Mac + WordPress websites

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I have been playing a very risky game for four years.   Confession time-I have never backed up my computer. Never. Shocking I know.  The first three and a half years it never occurred to me.  Lately, since creating my website and online business it has been on my mind a lot.  I have an older apple computer  with an old operating system (v. 10.4.11 Tiger) and  it was just so overwhelming for me.  I researched for weeks trying to figure out how to do it.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because what I really wanted to do was upgrade my software.

I knew before doing an upgrade, Ityou should do a back up.

I learned I needed to backup my self hosted WordPress blog and its theme separately…..aye aye aye!  But it wasn’t so bad.  With the help of  Heather L. Sanders’ WordPress Wednesday series  on her website OMSH I was in business.  I followed her tutorials and I was totally able to do this!  I must admit, all of this was totally out of my comfort zone and it took me days (okay a week) to get through it.  I was nervous and took my time because it was emotionally stressful and I wanted to do it correctly.   I had to figure out some stuff on my own since my software was out of date and my premium WordPress theme was nothing like hers- but I managed.  WoooHoooooooo!

So on my computer I backed up my website/blog and my Headway Theme.  Okay, I still needed to back up my computer.  Finally I got the courage to go and buy what I needed  and one of the Mac geniuses at the Apple store told me about Super Duper.  Once I learned about the Super Duper software I was in business!

I learned I had to buy an external hard drive to store the saved data from the back up of my computer.  I bought a cheaper one and had to follow instructions on configuring it for Mac.  That wasn’t bad at all.  I just followed the instructions that came with the hard drive.  Okay, now I was ready to back up my computer.

I had to download the Super Duper software.  It is free and you can get your copy here.  Super Duper makes a complete copy/clone of your computer!!   Super Duper was very easy to use because it is written in plain english and screen graphics tell you what will happen after each step.  Once you download Super Duper, it is for Mac’s only, by the way-just follow their online instructions.  It took about four hours to completely back up my entire computer.

Note of caution- I learned it is important to have your back ups in three separate locations in case one back up is destroyed or faulty or  your house is struck by a natural disaster.  The website Mobile Meandering taught me all about backing up my Mac to the “cloud”.  I feel so smart saying that.  You can back up your computer to hosting sites like Dropbox and others that Jon Henshaw explains easily.  Did you know you could back up your social media sites like Twitter and Facebook? Me either, Moible Meandering talks about that too.

I am so proud of myself- a totally non-techie girl.  I’m doing the happy dance.  Nerd-y, I know.  But I’m so happy because now I can upgrade to Apple’s  new- for -the -moment software, Snow Leopard.  I hear the Bad-ass Lion software update is coming out soon, but my upgrade by then will be a piece of cake because my new Snow Leopard software has a built-in backup software called Time Machine.

So, if you do not want to to be weeping in your Iced Latte because your computer went kaputz and you lost little Johnny’s first walking video, or pictures from your vacation to Bora Bora-get cracking and back up your computer-even if you don’t have a business! It was a little painful and nerve racking to do but not as much as it would have been  if I lost 11,000 photos, numerous bookmarked sites, and other important documents.

If this creative, non-techie girl can do it so can you!

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