Decorating Disasters-5 Fail Safe Solutions

decorating disasters-5 fail safe solutions
Last week we talked about the five most common and popular decorating disasters. If you missed it you can read it HERE. This week will help you look like a decorating pro and not a sad decorating newbie. I have five fail safe solutions to avoid your decorating disasters.
1. If you have the dreaded ‘boob’ light fixture in your home and ceiling height restraints require a flush mount fixture, try a flush mount light fixture that is not round and protruding. There are many stylish light fixtures that are square or star-shaped. Like the Lotus fixture below.


2. In place of an all-acrylic coffee table, save visual space and your shins with a coffee table constructed from mixed materials such as acrylic and wood, or acrylic and brass. This provides some visual substance but remains light and airy.


3. To achieve the styled all white shelfie your bookshelves crave without turning the spines of the books inward, try removing the book jacket and turn it inside out and put it back on the book. Then with a black, gold, or silver sharpie-whatever works for your decor – write the titles of the books on the spines for a color coordinated and fail safe decorating solution.


4. If your heart is dead set on a deep button tufted sofa or ottoman and you don’t want to be permanently attached to your Dyson, a fail safe solution to this decorating disaster is to purchase a sofa with tufting only on the back of the sofa and not the seats where dust and dirt can be trapped. All the look with much less lint.


5. A recipe to warm up your all white on white kitchen is to take that monochromatic look and inject it with some personality by varying the slick white surfaces with warm wood tones. Wood is a key ingredient to add to your kitchen island, or bar stools. Prop or hang personalized art and keep pots of evergreen herbs nearby to cook with and add a splash of color.

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5 Decorating Disasters to Avoid

You want your home to be as stylish, low-maintenance , and pulled together as possible. You want your friends to feel welcome (and to think you’re a decorating diva). As a designer, I’ve seen some popular decorating trends become big fails. To avoid looking like an amateur design enthusiast and more like a decorating pro, here are some newbie decorating disasters to avoid.
1. If you bought your first place, are renting, or inherited the basic flush mount round protruding ceiling light fixture that looks like – well, a boob. You know the ones, with the nib in the center you untwist to access the light bulbs. A decorating disaster because…boob. Need I say more?


2. In an attempt to make a small space appear larger, acrylic furnishings have become all the rage and considerably more affordable. All acrylic tables do tend to disappear in space. However, after your mother in law turns and careens over the top of it, face-planting into the sofa beyond, you’ll see how its disappearing act is not worthy of applause.


3. Styled bookcases look great. They provide a nice place to showcase books and collectibles. To obtain a uniform color palette, books have been placed on shelves with their spines facing inward and the white pages of the book facing outward for color continuity. This is all well and good and doesn’t become a decorating disaster until you want to curl up with your favorite book and beverage and have to dismantling your bookcase to find the darn thing.


4. Deep button tufted sofas and ottomans are revered for their stoic and neat appearance, especially when they’re upholstered in all white. Button tufting tends to have a no-nonsense approach to life. The problem with those deep button tufts is they become a magnet for lint, crumbs, and pet hair. That’s not a good look for anyone.


5. Pristine white on white kitchens are the darlings of Instagram these days. The appeal is timeless and fresh but can easily become a decorating disaster because the look can be boring, feel cold and sterile, and lack personality without the perfectly styled farmhouse sink full of  pink peonies portrayed on social media.

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Emotions you go through when hiring an interior designer

Many times the help of an interior designer is enlisted because of a major life event. Sometimes it’s the purchase of a first home, downsizing to a smaller home, a divorce, or you find yourself hosting an upcoming graduation, wedding, friends giving or holiday party for the first time.


These are all very emotional life events in their own right. Before the celebratory euphoria can curl up in the left chamber of your heart and get cozy, though, an irritating little itch is starting in the back of your mind.


The onset of this event triggers you to become more conscious of your surroundings and you start examining your home with a new, critical eye. The next thing you know you’re in a panic thinking, I can’t hold the (fill in your major life event!) here as you give your faded sofa the stink eye.


And oh NO – you just realized the walls are bit dingy and in need of a fresh coat of paint.


How are you going to deal with this?


Suddenly, you’re motivated and ready to roll up your sleeves and whip your place into an Instagram worthy hangout. The first thing you do is hop online to get some decorating ideas. Two hours later, you emerge from a pinning induced stupor and even worse, you don’t really love anything you saved on your Pinterest board. It all looks like a hodge podge mess of styles. You’re sure that what you pinned is not what one would call eclectic – it’s more like “decorating disaster chic”.


Now, you’re frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the selections, details, and logistics of what should be done and when. Not to mention who to hire, and with everything else going on, where will you find the time to do it all?  Work and family obligations are stretching you thin as is – you do NOT have the bandwidth to manage a decorating project as well.


Back to the google you go, this time to look for a local designer. You search around a bit and find one you like. You like their energy and style. Now, you feel relieved and happy to find someone who ‘gets’ you. Someone who can rid you of your house shame and help you have a stylish home you’re proud to show off.


Ahhhhh. That feels MUCH better.


Are you hosting any events in the up coming months  and you’re  struggling with creating a cohesive look  in your home?  Let’s set up a free 15 minute call and get you back on track to feeling relieved and happy in your home, too.