Friday Find-ash cloud ceramics

I’ve always liked buying items with a story. When traveling I always try and ditch the local tourist trap shopping bazaars and find local shops and artisans. I’m  hopeful I can find something affordable and that I like. The same holds true for  shopping locally as well. I know its so easy to go to your local Mart or Homegoods and buy whatever the latest trendy thingamajigs are out but I encourage you to find things with more meaning. It may take more effort, but so worth it.

It’s not that quick fixes and the basics don’t have a place, I believe they do. From experience I have learned that a whole houseful of meaningless, trendy things just become junk that make you feel guilty and trapped. And that’s not how you want to feel in your home, right?

I’m all for mixing high end and low end bargains. One of my favorite fashion and home styling tricks-ever.

I just see that we have become a disposable, consumption culture and its sad.  As a reformed shopaholic, trust me… I get it. A couple of designer friends were having this discussion recently and after beautiful home renovations the client just wanted to throw a bunch of Homegoods accessories in the space and call it done.

The struggle is real.

What I try to curate with the Friday Finds are unique items I find that are also easily accessible to you, without all the leg work on your part. Hopefully, you’re inspired and find something that speaks to you.

These hand-formed ceramics by Icelandic artist Bjarni Sigurdsson are finished in a natural glaze made from the volcanic ashes of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010. Hauntingly beautiful in an array of colors, these pieces emanate the energies of natural geothermic phenomena. Pink Espresso Cup, Pink Tumbler, Pink Scalloped Tumbler, Pink Creamer, and Pink Bowl  are all sold separately.


FRIDAY Find ash cloud ceramics


Friday Finds will sometimes have some company with links to interesting articles or informative videos I believe may be of interest  to you that I have found in my web travels.

This inspiring social media post is the stuff legendary love is made from and makes me fist pump….yes, yes, yes!!

And Brooke Christen’s husband….he needs to give all men, including mine, lessons in the art of gift giving.

To a home filled with those you love and the things that make you happy and tell your story.

Find your love.




Friday Find- faux fur throw

Baby its cold outside! Much of the eastern seaboard will be hunkering down for the approaching blizzard. Even us southerners are promised some type of wintery precipitation, we’re jut hoping for snow and not ice.

We will all feel like we are living in a snow globe soon enough while cuddling up binge watching Netflix. (Where is House of Cards?) I love these faux fur throws. I bought one a couple of years ago. I’m always surprised how  expensive they are, but this one looks really plush and warm at a fantastic price.

I’m off to make some slumber party snacks for the kiddos who will be coming home early soon.

Stay safe and warm during  this snowy/icy situation.


FRIDAY Find Winter whimsy- fur throw FB

Luxe Faux Coyote Fur Throw


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Mini Design Solution-winter whimsy

Last week the new Soulscape, Winter Whimsy- living in a snow globe was launched.  If you’re new around here and haven’t seen these done, this is where I create a Mini Design Soulution which takes one of the images from the Soulscape as inspiration for a room design.

We are using the winter landscape  as inspiration for this Soulscape and to decorate and cozy up our homes after the holidays.

wood by the fireplaceI chose the birch wood logs bundled with leather belts as the inspiration image. I liked the styling of this image and the way the belts were used.  An easy DIY and upcycle solution all at the same time.




snowy winter forest triptych


The quiet peace of a world in hibernation is at its height just after a snowfall. This Diptych photograph of a snowy forest reminds me of the bundle of logs and feels like your looking into a snow globe which is why I chose this item as a translation of the inspirational wood bundle.


Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.16.59These hand carved real birch logs are almost a literal translation of the inspiration image. I love these tea light holders and may finally get a few this year while they are on sale.


Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.17.21

This chair!  Eeeeek…what can I say. The detail. I LOVE the detail on the back of this chair. Especially as an interpretation for our inspiration leather bundled birch logs.  I’m just as thrilled as if I found this chair for a real project. So perfect…right?! I love design. The only thing that would have made this chair better was if the fabric were in white. But I love it anyway.  Proof the backs of chairs don’t have to be plain and boring.



Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.17.30 Since our inspiration image was  firewood I chose this natural wood basket weave holder as a practical translation. But I really like the leather trap look, even though it may be impractical.



Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.17.59


Another jump of joy moment with this rustic modern side table of painted wood legs that look like tree branches or are mimetic of our inspiration image of the bundle of birch logs.  Designers really do geek out on finding the perfect item to complete your space.



Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.18.05

Another contemporary take on tree branches and limbs with this embroidered fabric on this handmade throw pillow.




Here it all is put together for your.  The inspiration image and the many ways it can be translated to create a personal and individual style solution of how you want to feel in your home. In this case, like living in a snow globe.  I’m ready to curl up by a warm fire. Next week I will translate another inspiration image from the Winter Whimsy Soulscape.

You can check it outage Winter Whimsy Soulscape here.

And let me know if you want a particular image used as inspiration for the next couple of translations!

Bundle up.

winter whimsy- mini solution-firewood

Woodsy Triptych / Birch wood tea light holder / Chair / Twig Table / Firewood Holder / Pillow