When you’ve got company coming, does it feel more like, “Hooray, I’m all set!”, or is it more like, “Oh NO – we have so much work to do!”?

If it’s the latter, I completely understand. Right now, your guest room is probably feeling a lot less like a retreat and more like a wreck. You started off with good intentions, but it has become the graveyard for various misfit household items.
Fear not – here’s a checklist to turn your guest room into a hotel quality retreat.

Clear the Clutter

First things first, get rid of miscellaneous odds and ends and PS? The forgotten work out equipment lurking in the corner does not make your guest room a hotel retreat. It’s time to say goodbye to the exercise bike and hello to a spacious room.

Sleep On a Cloud

Do you recall your last hotel stay? The bed was the bees’ knees. It felt like you were sleeping on a cloud, right? To recreate that hotel retreat feeling in your guest room, start with a quilted mattress protecter and add a foam topper or fiber bed. Next crisp white, high quality sheets – at least 400 thread count. Nothing ruins a good nights sleep like cheap, itchy sheets.
Top it all off with fluffy down pillows and duvet cover with a lofty insert.
Keep extra blankets and pillows on hand for good measure.
The bed is the epicenter for turning your guest room into a hotel retreat after several hours of travel so it’s worth the extra attention. For additional specifics on achieving the perfect hotel bed at home check out this post here.

Nightstand and Lamp

Keep the nightstand in arm’s reach to hold personal items, an alarm clock, and a few of your favorite books and local magazines for your guests to enjoy.

Internet Essentials

Type up your household’s wi-fi password and print it out and place it into a simple photo frame that matches your decor. Easy access for your guest.


Be sure to have blinds or drapes at the windows for your guests’ privacy and to allow them to sleep in at their leisure without the morning sunlight awakening them.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Provide a full length mirror to allow guest to be confident in their appearance. If space is limited there are versions that hang on the back of doors to save space.


If space allows, a chair, chaise or ottoman is a nice perch to allow your guests to change in or out of their shoes.

Luggage Rack

Luggage racks are not only relegated specifically to hotels. Lots of retailers sell them. This small change easily ups your hosting game and helps turn your guest room into a hotel retreat. Besides, you don’t want dirty luggage hoisted up onto your beautiful bedding, right?

A Pretty Tray

Outfit a mirrored or wicker tray with a couple of bottles of water and cosmetic pouches stocked with toiletries of mini shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothbrushes, a sleep mask, mouth wash and dental floss. These mini luxuries are the finishing touches to turn your guest room into a hotel retreat.
Hopefully this checklist will ease the stress of preparing for overnight guest throughout the year and the upcoming Holiday season. Below I created a convenient graphic for you to save to Pinterest to refer to later when you really need it.


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