Guess Who's Coming to Decorate Consultation

Don’t you wish you could just ask a designer for help with all of the little nit picky decorating questions that have been driving you crazy?


You know, get answers to problems you have asked your friends, family, and Facebook strangers for their opinion on. Because ya know everybody and their mamas have an opinion online. Only to end up more confused and frustrated than ever.



Any of these sound familiar?

Which sofa will work best in my family room?

What color should you paint your master bedroom, kitchen, family room, front door?

What is the best way to arrange the furniture in the family room, bedroom, playroom?

Which light fixture(s) will be good over the island?


Where should you hang your  art?

Where can you buy cool pieces of art that won’t cost an arm and an eye?

Which granite looks better with our cabinets?  Backsplash?

What type of area rug is best? Do you need a rug?


How can you tie all of the rooms together in your open floor plan?

What should you put on your coffee table?

What type of curtains do you need?

How can you get more seating in this room?


Are white kitchens in or out?

Can you still use brushed nickel finishes?

How do you determine a decorating budget?

How can you pull this room together?


How can you get that industrial-bohemian-hipster with a twist-farmhouse-neo tribal-masculine gypsy look?

How can you make this room feel cozier?

How can you make this room look bigger?

What should you put on your dining room table?


A Little advice can go a long way.


These are just a smidgen of questions I have answered for clients through a consultation.


There is a lot to consider, when you make a change or introduce a new item you have to consider the ripple affect and its impact on everything else in the room.


I’m sure you have your own list of questions you would like help answering.

Let’s get to it.

The fun begins with a two hour in-home

Guess Who’s Coming to Decorate Consultation.  

(Except you don’t have to guess, it’s me-hey there.)

The Guess Who’s Coming to Decorate Consultation consist of up to two hours of

productive design decision making in your home.

Ask ALL of your decorating questions, get professional answers, and solutions so you can finally

get those loose ends tied up OR have a direction to begin your next home decorating project.

 What’s involved in the consultation:

Up to  two hour in home consultation

Someone to access  your problems, needs and decorating goals and provide professional, experienced advice, tips, and tricks.

A discovery session through  questions and answers to decide what look and feel you want to achieve.

Recommended Resources to locate specific items.

Specific paint color recommendations.

Furniture arrangement suggestions.

Personalized and custom design recommendations.

Ideas for styling fireplaces, coffee tables, bookcases, and foyers.

New furniture and accessory recommendations.

Suggestions for existing furniture, art, and accessories.

Tons of ideas and inspiration for your home.



After the consultation you can be confident in your selections,

move forward with a plan, and achieve the inspired home you long to call your own.

Your shortcut to a killer decorated and individually styled home

starts with a Guess who’s Coming to Decorate Consultation.

All consultations are billed at time of scheduled appointment because that time is booked on our calendar specifically for you.

You can pay and schedule your consultation by clicking the button below.

Finally, there is a better way to DIY  decorate.

This service is for the homeowner who wants to implement the design plan themselves, but needs a little direction.

There are no additional services after the consultation unless a

Letter of Agreement is signed for a more comprehensive design service.

If you have more questions, please ask them through the contact form below. 


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