A Room with a Hue

Paint Color Consultation

Resuscitate your home. Revitalize your life.

A life-saving service for anyone whose eyes

have glazed over in the local depot’s paint

department, and then went home bewildered

with a gazillion tiny paint chips.

Still traumatized by your last attempt 

to select a paint color?

At last count you had 17 gray paint swatches on you’re living room wall and your eyes are starting to cross trying to distinguish revere gray from dove gray…and secretly you’re thinking, they all look blue-not gray!

 Maybe you play small with your coworkers, neighbors, and yogi classmates but there is no need to play small with your paint color.

Last time you spent the whole day sanding + taping + prepping, + painting to just 24 hours later hate the color you chose (which was two shades lighter) out of fear. Instead of choosing the sultry blue that delighted you and reminded you of the dress you wore that night in New York when you danced until you felt like you were twenty again. Almost…wink.

 Back away from the tiny sample paint chips sista!

No one can choose a paint color from those, not even us pros.

Before you pass out from sample paint fumes get help selecting paint colors with A room with a Hue paint consultation.


 Now you can…

Stop spinning the color wheel. Ditch the paint samples. 

Throw away the sponge brushes.

Save your sanity-or what’s left of it. Make your old furniture look new.

Bring the green-eyed monster out in your friends, and make yourself

look like the coolest paint color picker on the planet.

A Room with a Hue includes:

♥ The perfect  paint color choices that reflect how you want

your space to feel and reflects your personality.

♥ Consideration of existing trim, furniture and furnishings.

♥ A worksheet with exact paint color names and numbers from

Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

♥ A written to-do list of steps you need to take to paint your space.

♥ Recommended paint finishes you should use for each paint color.


Tired of dingy walls? Want to add some LIFE to your home but not have it look cartoonish?

The process is simple.

It all starts with a plan. One that will end with your friends wondering if they had seen this color on the latest HGTV Home Giveaway. Seriously, you can’t mess this up. We’re going to create this together.

Here is what you need to do:

>> Decide which rooms you need help with paint.

>> Schedule time on my calendar for us to meet at your home.

>> I will walk through your home with you and discuss the rooms use, lighting, and desired feel, what elements are staying, etc.

>> Sit back and relax! I’ll get right to picking your perfect paint color palette.

>> I leave you will all of the paint chips to go purchase samples.

Your Cost:


$175 + $50 for each additional room (up to 5 rooms)

Entire home $675 (6 to 12 rooms)

Entire home $875 (13 to 20 rooms)

Entire home $1475 ( 21+ rooms)




If you have any questions just ask in the form below. Otherwise you can schedule and pay for your consultation by clicking the lets get started button below.


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