Are you a scaredy cat decorator?

A bit gun shy, design challenged and afraid to have people over?

Have you tried numerous times to decorate your home and always end up short?

I understand,  I have had many clients just like you.  You not only want a pretty space, but you also want to feel good in it.

A space that resonates with your own personal style making it a place YOU want to live in.

Trying to make decisions at  to your local decor store does not make you live happy.



Paisley has been trying to make her home more her for YEARS.

After awhile Paisley has ditched the whole idea of changing her decor and decided to stick with her hodge podge room.

She has no idea  what to keep or what to toss. With the twins and her organic baby food business taking off she doesn’t have the inclination, or the time.

But Paisley yearns for a beautiful space that resonates with her own personal style. She realizes the chaos, clutter, and absence of beauty does begin to suck the life out of you.

Paisley desires a more inviting and calming  atmosphere where she and her husband, Stripe can raise the twins.

While munching on her kale salad and surfing social media Paisley reads her “friends” status update raving about Elle C. Wolfe Interiors Home Sweet Home interior design services.  Paisley clicks the link to check it out too.


What is Home Sweet Home?

Home Sweet Home is Elle C. Wolfe interiors  traditional,  in-person, interior design service. This premium service is for the homeowner that has no interest in Doing It Herself. YOU and how you want your space to feel are the starting point of our designs.

Use House Call to:

>Discover how you want your home to feel.

>Redefine your home.

>Inject your life into your drab and boring rooms.

>Rely on the expertise of the designers decisions for furniture selections, paint colors, accessories and other decorating dilemmas.

>Bring  peace, joy, balance, and comfort in your home.

Reduce your stress level, and get the bespoke living space you always imagined.


Home Sweet Home Includes:

>In-perosn meeting +consultation

>Paint color selections

>Sample paint swatches

>Detailed floor plans

>Wall Elevations

>Wall Elevations

>Design board with all furniture and     furnishings

>Digital Look Book

>2 Revisions

>Telephone/email correspondence

You will have a room that speaks to you SOUL.

 The process is simple.

It all starts with a plan. One that will end with you having a fully designed and decorated room you love.   We’re going to create this together.

Go ahead and check  ‘make home a retreat’ off your bucket list.

Here is what’s next:

:: Click the button below to purchase this service.

:: Immediately after purchase you will receive a lifestyle questionnaire, please fill out the questionnaire online and email it back to me.

:: After I receive your questionnaire and we chat on the phone about your project a bit to figure out what you want your                               home to feel like.

:: Schedule an In- home consultation to determine project scope and budget.

:: Sit back and relax! I will get to drafting your floor plans, elevation, selecting furniture, finishes, accessories

    and conceptual design board for your perfect room.


Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m Elle and I’ve been picking paint colors since I was four.

After my mom decorated my room in cotton candy pink I had the biggest tantrum of my life when she so proudly brought in a red hassock (ottoman) as the last accessory.

After she got me calmed down she realized her mistake in putting something red in my pink room!  ( I no longer throw tantrums but red is still not one of my personal favs)

I could pick paint colors in my sleep (and sometimes do).

I have nearly 20 years in commercial and residential design experience.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

I Believe:


What if I don’t know what my design style is?

 Style, Shmyle.  No one fits into a perfectly packed style box.  Most of us like a little of this, a little of that. A melting pot of trend, tradition, and taste. That’s okay, we’ll figure it out.

Are you willing to work with pieces I already have?

Of course. Why throw out perfectly good stuff? If you adore it, we’ll work with it. (Unless, of course, it’s hideous. Then it will be making its merry way over to a Goodwill.)

How can I see the actual paint and fabric swatches? 

I will present you with  actual swatches.

How close are the designs on my screen to real life?

Since computers are tuned to different frequencies, the paint color palette is a close approximation. I use real swatches here in my office when designing, and will send them to you as well.

How much does it cost?

Your investment in your home is $1997 for one room.

If you have multiple rooms you would like to have done please contact me with your needs and I can determine a price for your needs.

How do I purchase House Call?

Click on the  button below and you will be re-directed to Paypal. You can pay via Paypal with a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account.

What happens after I pay?

After payment you will get a brief questionnaire about your room via email.  We will schedule an in-perosn meeting to discuss your project.  After I receive the completed questionnaire I will make an in-home visit and take room photos and measurements if necessary. After the design diagnosis I will  prepare a plan of action to include floor plans, paint selections, elevations, fabric/paint samples, and a digital presentation board.


P.S. Not ready to buy yet?

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