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 You could keep living in a house that never quite feels like home.

You could stick with the hodgepodge collection of garage sale finds, hand me downs, and the easy to identify Ikea classics.

You could continue to live in the chaos, clutter, and ugliness that is sucking the life out of you because you just don’t know where to begin.

Or maybe you just purchased your dream house and have convinced yourself your Jimmy Choo’s echoing throughout the house means you’ve adopted a minimalist aesthetic.

After all, you have almost reached your goals. 
Dream job- ✔️
Mr. Dreamy- ✔️
Dream House- ✔️
Dream Home- ?

The Butler is a concierge interior design service for homeowners who FINALLY

want a house that feels like THEIR home.

A house does not equal a home.

Your environment can uplift you or depress you.

Upgrade your home to the hip, cool, you have arrived, status of your cell phone.

You’ve worked hard to be successful and you want a home that
reflects your success.

Unearth what inspires you.

 Display your quirky collection like it’s fine art.

 Use your most beloved items.

Discover how you want your home to feel.

Redefine yourself and what home means to you.

Your home is an experience.

Imagine enough comfortable seating for everyone to put their feet up and store their snacks on movie night…you only scream at the scary parts.

Imagine the doorbell rings and more guest arrive. I heard it through the grapevine is  playing in the background.  A burst of laughter escapes the kitchen.

On the way to the door, you admire the graceful lines of the sofa and approve of the artfully styled bookshelves filled with books, reminders of foreign travel, and wooden bowls of legos.

Just the worldly, elegant, look and upbeat feel you desired. A contemporary spin on traditional.

You never thought you would see this day…whew house shame averted.

Your home is an experience. Make it a good one.

I know you’re not one to pat yourself on the back, or ‘tweet’ your own horn.

You’ve grown, matured, become a supernova success story. But just as a hermit crab grows and matures and must seek a new home…so do you.

After all, your home is an expression of the person you are today.

Don’t go home to your past. Go home to your future. Go home…to YOURSELF.

Think you don’t have time to decorate your house. Think again.

Decorating doesn’t have to be as long and painful as loosing those last ten pounds, preparing your taxes, or having a root canal. Transform your home, transform your life.

The Butler interior design services does all of the heavy lifting of crafting a concept, color scheme, furniture sections and procuring all of the mammoth and minuscule details to create  a home experience you enjoy for years to come.

The Butler design services include:

  • An initial Guess who’s coming to Decorate consultation to define the scope of work and estimate design hours.
  • Room is measured, photographed, existing pieces noted and new items identified.
  • Project budget is determined.
  • Meeting to sign the Letter of Agreement and deposit paid.
  • I draw up a detailed concept and floor plan to accomplish your design goals
  • Presentation meeting  to approve and tweak the concept drawings
  • Next is purchasing and procurement of everything presented including all furniture, furnishings, art, fabric, wallpaper, etc.
  • The Big Reveal Day.

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