Weekly Wear to Ware Fusion of Fashion and Interiors


It’s no secret I have a love for fashion and interior design. Last year I started a weekly post on Instagram with the hashtag #weartowarewednesday.


These weekly post are a fusion of my two favorite passions, fashion and interior design. A fashionable outfit catches my eye, the wear, and I find a room or home decor objects (ware) inspired by the fashion statement.



Quite the following has grown on Instagram for this weekly post. This year I am making sure to publish the #weartoware post here on the blog, although they may not all have a full blown write up with them or be published on Wednesday. But I’ll give it my best shot.



Sunday night was the 60th Annual Grammy Awards and I live for the glitz and glamour of Red Carpet fashion moments.



I know, I know, everyone loves Beyoncé, she is brilliant and all hail to Queen Bey.



















In my book the singer-songwriter/actress Janelle Monáe rules and reigns. She is known for what she calls her “uniform” a minimalist black and white wardrobe on the red carpet.


In Monáe’s 2012 acceptance speech at the Black Girls Rock ceremony she spoke candidly about how she was a maid when she began her career in the music industry.


She said her mother was a proud janitor and step father a postal worker and father a trash man and they all wore uniforms and in honor of them she wears her black and white uniform.


Come On! Don’t you just love her??? What a way to stay grounded!


At the Grammy Awards Janelle brought the glamour with a very tailored Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo with floral embroidery on the shoulders, sleeves, and wide legged pants with a ruffle tuxedo shirt underneath.



She really brought the fire with her newly cropped platinum and black pixie cut slicked to the side and accessorized with jeweled bobby pins.




This ain’t your grandma’s embroidery.


Singer Janelle Monae on the red carpet at the 60th Grammy Awards with black floral embroidered tuxedo and an embroidered chair


images via instagram.com/janellemonae  chair image credit: namedesignstudio.com/



In the fashion world embroidery is emerging and will continue to trend as the summer months approach. And as fashion goes so goes interiors. The embroidery trend easily finds a home in the Bohemian world of interiors.


When I saw Janelle’s outfit I immediately thought of the beautiful, embroidered hand made Suzani textiles. I will write a blog post soon about Suzani textiles, it is amazing workmanship and I think you will enjoy it.


What I truly love about Janelle’s Red Carpet look is she combined who she is ( tailored and minimal) with a trend-embroidery. It’s what I as an interior designer believe to be true, inspiration plus interpretation equals individual style- in spades!


If you have an inspirational item or want to try a trend in your home and need help interpreting it into your individual style lets schedule a quick phone chat to discuss your needs HERE.


In the future look for more wear to where post in the archives (so much to do so little time) in case you missed them on social media.


P.S. Wondering where else you have seen Janelle? In 2016 she was in two critically acclaimed movies.


She was one of the female scientist in Hidden Figures and she was a supporting character in Best Picture of the Year, Moonlighting, which is still on my long list of movies to see.


Oh, and she is a spokesperson for the cosmetic company Covergirl. So, if you don’t fast-forward through commercials like I do, you may have seen her.


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