Fusion of wearable and wonderful

Hello there it’s our weekly Wear to Ware Wednesday post. This fashion inspiration comes from the July 2017 issue of Vogue Magazine which featured the young actress Zendaya.  


This inspirational fashion ensemble is a self-assured juxtaposition of texture, with opulent embroidered silk and feathers offset by a casual suede and shearling jacket topped off with a newsboy cap.


The inspiration was translated below with just a few items.  First, a gilded starburst mirror and  beaded feather throw pillow represent the bold pattern on the skirt and opulent feather trim detailing at the hem.


The upholstered velvet bench’s clean lines and simplicity calms and quiets the luxe factor and creates a sense of easy comfort in a similar manner as the suede jacket tops off the skirt.


photo collage fashion and interiors

Photographed by @mariotestino, styled by @tonnegood, Vogue, July 2017.


After having a fantastic and  interesting conversation with a fellow designer today about how to help you, the homeowner, define your individual style, housing your sacred treasures, and be grounded and connected in your own home.  


We came to the conclusion it all starts with confidently saying, “This is who I am!”


Sometimes maybe we want someone, an expert, to give us permission to say, it works!


If you love it, go for it. I understand the fear that can come with making big financial investments in art and furnishings and the pressure to get it all just right.


However, in your effort to get it right, don’t forget to put yourself in your home. The memories, the textures and colors you crave, the bits and baubles and beauty that inspire you.


Do you need that expert eye to say go for it?  So you can breathe a confident sigh of relief and know you are on the right track? 


Schedule a quick consultation, it will be worth it. 


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