Elle C. Wolfe Interiors, Atlanta, GA What is my design style?

Are you down to earth, girly glam, bold and mysterious or poised and refined?

Are you wondering what in the heck I’m talking about?

The website has gotten  a little update, its still a work in progress. More branding changes  in the near future, progress over perfection, right? So,   I’ve been slaving to create this fun and informative quiz. Its called Who’s your leading lady persona?

We are all Leading Ladies in our own life stories. This quiz is a fun way for you to accept the role of Leading Lady and reveal a bit about your design style.  Wanna play? Answer the quiz questions  to reveal your Leading Lady Persona result and get a 10 page booklet with all sorts of personality and design information.

You’re the Leading Lady in your life story. Take the quiz to reveal your leading design style.

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