Last week the new Soulscape, Winter Whimsy- living in a snow globe was launched.  If you’re new around here and haven’t seen these done, this is where I create a Mini Design Soulution which takes one of the images from the Soulscape as inspiration for a room design.

We are using the winter landscape  as inspiration for this Soulscape and to decorate and cozy up our homes after the holidays.

wood by the fireplaceI chose the birch wood logs bundled with leather belts as the inspiration image. I liked the styling of this image and the way the belts were used.  An easy DIY and upcycle solution all at the same time.




snowy winter forest triptych


The quiet peace of a world in hibernation is at its height just after a snowfall. This Diptych photograph of a snowy forest reminds me of the bundle of logs and feels like your looking into a snow globe which is why I chose this item as a translation of the inspirational wood bundle.


Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.16.59These hand carved real birch logs are almost a literal translation of the inspiration image. I love these tea light holders and may finally get a few this year while they are on sale.


Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.17.21

This chair!  Eeeeek…what can I say. The detail. I LOVE the detail on the back of this chair. Especially as an interpretation for our inspiration leather bundled birch logs.  I’m just as thrilled as if I found this chair for a real project. So perfect…right?! I love design. The only thing that would have made this chair better was if the fabric were in white. But I love it anyway.  Proof the backs of chairs don’t have to be plain and boring.



Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.17.30 Since our inspiration image was  firewood I chose this natural wood basket weave holder as a practical translation. But I really like the leather trap look, even though it may be impractical.



Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.17.59


Another jump of joy moment with this rustic modern side table of painted wood legs that look like tree branches or are mimetic of our inspiration image of the bundle of birch logs.  Designers really do geek out on finding the perfect item to complete your space.



Screenshot 2016-01-19 13.18.05

Another contemporary take on tree branches and limbs with this embroidered fabric on this handmade throw pillow.




Here it all is put together for your.  The inspiration image and the many ways it can be translated to create a personal and individual style solution of how you want to feel in your home. In this case, like living in a snow globe.  I’m ready to curl up by a warm fire. Next week I will translate another inspiration image from the Winter Whimsy Soulscape.

You can check it outage Winter Whimsy Soulscape here.

And let me know if you want a particular image used as inspiration for the next couple of translations!

Bundle up.

winter whimsy- mini solution-firewood

Woodsy Triptych / Birch wood tea light holder / Chair / Twig Table / Firewood Holder / Pillow