how to decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel
A few months ago I celebrated my twenty-fifth wedding  anniversary.  I still can’t believe that!  I would have liked to been off celebrating in Europe somewhere but we had a very nice adult-only dinner at a trendy  restaurant and stayed at the Ritz Carlton overnight.
It’s always a luxury to stay in a hotel, but extra special when you’re at one of the fancy schmancy ones that offer you a glass of champagne at the front desk upon check in.  Every hotel should do this, it makes you feel so special.
I’m sharing my 6 easy luxury hotel bedroom hacks with you.

Hack #1 decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel: Sleep in a cloud

To get that five star hotel bedroom look and feel at home its all about that bass,  bed sorry now that song is probably in your head. Yes, the big marshmallow, soft bed.  I suggest you go with whatever mattress you prefer but to get that pillow, soft, cloud like effect add a down or down alternative feather bed underneath your fitted sheet and mattress pad.

Hack #2 decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel: Duck, duck, goose

About 20 years ago I stayed at a Ritz Carlton while on a business trip with my husband for the first time.  I fell in LOVE with the pillows.  My head had never been placed on something so soft and comfortable I HAD to find out what kind of pillows they were.  I learned they were goose down filled feather pillows.
When I got home I immediately bought a set of feather down pillows for my own bed.  And have never looked back. If you don’t have allergies and want to create a luxury hotel style bedroom at home, start with your pillows.  So. Heavenly.

Hack #3 decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel: Bright white, baby

The summer I turned twelve was spent in sweltering rural South Carolina with my grandmother. On her back porch lived  a greedy beast of a washing machine that threatened to take my right hand if I didn’t pay attention to feeding the clothes though its double rolling pin mouth.
Grandmama always asked, ‘Are they bright white,baby?”  as the beast churned the sheets out the other side and we carried them to the clothesline where Grandmama snapped them taught on the line and secured them with the wooden clothes pins she kept in the front pockets of her floral housecoat. Grandmama’s sheets were always all white.
 I loved those white sheets.  At home our sheets were every crazy color and pattern imaginable.  So when I got old enough and had my own home I bought only white sheets, just like my grandmother always had.  And like the finest hotels have-bright, white sheets.
 Anything that is near my body I want to be the best quality I can find.  And for me, no less than 600 thread count, white, organic cotton, sheets will do on  a daily basis.

Hack #4 decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel: Body contortions aside

Luxury hotel bedrooms have great lighting.  To create this experience at home be sure to have a pair of matching lamps on your nightstand.  The decorating hack here is for your lamps to be the proper scale.

If you have to contort your body (and not in a sexy way) from your bed to just turn on the lamp, your lamp is out of scale and not in proportion to the height of your bed and nightstand.

The lamp should be just an arms reach away for perfect bedside reading light.

Hack #5 decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel: Don’t put your foot on the bed

If you have the space for it, create a  small seating area in you bedroom. A  slipper chair with a side table and floor lamp near the window is the perfect spot for ten minutes of quite with you’re morning coffee.
Even if you only have room for a bench at the foot of your bed, or an ottoman, it’s nice to sit and strap on those new cute wedges than to have to put your foot up on the bed.  Having a place to sit in your bedroom is another way to create a luxury hotel bedroom experience at home.

Hack #6 decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel: Leave unicorn-purple out of this one

For a relaxing and restful nights sleep choose a soothing paint color. Recently a colleague told me she stayed in a hotel whose bedroom walls were hot pink and six-year-old unicorn purple.  The colors made her so antsy and stressed out of her comfort zone she couldn’t sleep!
At the risk of sounding like an annoying tune you can’t get out of your head, to decorate your bedroom like a luxury hotel select soothing, relaxing paint colors for your room.

Haven’t had a good nights sleep in months?  Wake up bleary-eyed and stumbling out of bed feeling hung-over from lack of sleep, not drinks?

Think your insomnia is because you’re over-worked, stressed, and your kid’s crazy schedules?

Maybe it’s your environment.

Yeah, the room you’re trying to relax and rest in you trip over a basket of laundry to be folded at the foot of your bed, the dim ceiling light fan cast an ugly yellow glow, and that pancake flat pillow you have had since college has seen better days.

Need help decorating  your bedroom? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. See my A Room with a Hue service to revive your master bedroom.   Not local, no problem.  I can help you select a new paint color through my e-design services.