decorating disasters-5 fail safe solutions
Last week we talked about the five most common and popular decorating disasters. If you missed it you can read it HERE. This week will help you look like a decorating pro and not a sad decorating newbie. I have five fail safe solutions to avoid your decorating disasters.
1. If you have the dreaded ‘boob’ light fixture in your home and ceiling height restraints require a flush mount fixture, try a flush mount light fixture that is not round and protruding. There are many stylish light fixtures that are square or star-shaped. Like the Lotus fixture below.


2. In place of an all-acrylic coffee table, save visual space and your shins with a coffee table constructed from mixed materials such as acrylic and wood, or acrylic and brass. This provides some visual substance but remains light and airy.


3. To achieve the styled all white shelfie your bookshelves crave without turning the spines of the books inward, try removing the book jacket and turn it inside out and put it back on the book. Then with a black, gold, or silver sharpie-whatever works for your decor – write the titles of the books on the spines for a color coordinated and fail safe decorating solution.


4. If your heart is dead set on a deep button tufted sofa or ottoman and you don’t want to be permanently attached to your Dyson, a fail safe solution to this decorating disaster is to purchase a sofa with tufting only on the back of the sofa and not the seats where dust and dirt can be trapped. All the look with much less lint.


5. A recipe to warm up your all white on white kitchen is to take that monochromatic look and inject it with some personality by varying the slick white surfaces with warm wood tones. Wood is a key ingredient to add to your kitchen island, or bar stools. Prop or hang personalized art and keep pots of evergreen herbs nearby to cook with and add a splash of color.

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