Elle C. Wolfe Interiors, Soulscape


Introducing the newest Soulscape. The Stark + Stunning Collective-a dance with ebb and flow.   A visit to a public museum inspired this Soulscape Collective.

Parts of the museum layout emotionally weaves you through the social current at that time. This design technique can be used in your personal spaces as well.

The feelings in your own home don’t need to be as high drama as a public space. A subtle shift in mood as you move from room to room is still felt.


The classic black and white color palette is my favorite. I lived in this color scheme for years. A friend even noted my dog was black and white-which was not intentional.

Using the Stark +Stunning Collective I will choose an inspiration piece and create my signature Design Soulution for three different rooms. Even if you’re inspired by color a dose of black helps to ground the saturation level in a room.  I had an instructor in art school that said every room needed a touch of black.

Stay tuned as a new Design Soulution is revealed. Any particular image from the Stark + Striking Collective you would like to see me translate for a room?  Just leave a comment below telling which image you would like to see translated.